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Cs401: Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming

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Assignment No 4 of Cs401

Assignment # 4(Graded)

  Total marks = 20

                                                                                  Deadline Date = July 24, 2014…

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  • cs401 current midterm paper

    q.1) what z meant by de facto standards?
    q.2) assume that there r 4 parameteres in a stack write a single instruction to clear the stack?
    q.3) write a code to left shift 32 bit of number in a memory label num1?
    q.4) what is divide overflow error?code was given 2 cmplt?
    q.5) in AL a num was given with a carry flag we have to apply operatons SHR , SAR , SHL or baki b?
    q.6) how cn we convert a two dimensional video memory into one dimensional sumthng like dat

    PAPER2 :

    today's paper
    q # 1, in the instruction "mov wod [es:0], 0x0741. what does represnt
    "41" represnt? 2 marks
    q # 2, what cosequence a program can face if we use AND operation as a Selective bit test? provide the solution to avoid these cosequence? 2 marks
    q # 3, how string instruction works an a block of data ? 3 marks
    q# 4 Briefly explain how the value of SP will be changed in decreament stack when the instruction "push ax" executed? 3 marks
    q# 5, write the assembley language code for a bubble sort subroutine taking the parameter from stack. 5 marks
    q# 6
    Give the new value of AX and DX For each the following or write overflow on
    DIV BX, if DX contains 0000h, AX contains 0007h, and BX contains 0002h
    a) DIV BX, if DX contains 0000h, AX contains FFFFh, and BX contains 00iohh? 5 mrks
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    1. The Extended ASCII has__________?
    2. In String instructions, he mode is called auto-decremant mode when_________?
    3. To Reserve 8-Bits in memory ________ directive is used.
    4. After the execution of REP instruction CX will be decremented?
    5. In STOSW instruction, when DF is Set SI is X.
    6. In Which of the following flag will be affected by MOVSW?
    7. Which register is/ are change during the execution of the CALL instructions?
    8. ASCII code of "A"
    9. iAPX88 ARCHITECTURE Consists of __________ registers?
    10. Code segment is associated to _______ registers by default.
    11. The Foreground and background color parameters are set by ______?
    12. What does NASM means________?
    13. Maximum number of bits in video attributes?
    14. For _______ instructions, repetition is hard coded in the processor instead of using loop?

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