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Photoshop fun



Preparation Do research on your subject before the interview. Practice interviewing by asking question from yourself. It might be better if you take help from one of your friend. Best English skills is the key to success. Go alone for practice. Be…

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Shortcut keys for cpp

Shortcut keys for cpp keys 1. F1 For Help 2. F2 Save 3. F3 Open 4. F4 Go to cursor 5. F5 Zoom 6. F6 Next 7. F7 Trace into 8. F8 Step over 9. F9 Make 10. F10 Menu 11. Alt+X Quit 12. Alt+Bksp Undo 13. Shift+Alt+Bksp Redo 14. Shift+Del Cut 15. Ctrl+Ins…

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