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Poverty in Pakistan

Poverty in Pakistan is difficult to quantify. In 2006, the methodology used by the Pakistani government to estimate those living in poverty was challenged by the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). At that time, the government estimate was that 23.9 per cent of the population lived below the poverty line but the independent organisations assessed the figure in the range of 25.7 - 28.3 per cent.

slum in KarachiPakistan with an open sewer running along the lane.

The gender discriminatory practices in Pakistani society also shape the distribution of poverty in the country. Traditional gender roles in Pakistan define the woman's place as in the home and not in the workplace, and define the man as the breadwinner. Consequently, the society invests far less in women than men.

What do you say?????????

Do you agree with me????????


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How could we make a difference....?????

Make a difference:               

This content is not about politics,technology,social problems,human rights and nor about any HOT MEDIA GOSSIP.Its about me,its about you.Its about the thoughts of our new generation and about the sense which we use to make a difference.OK.Lets talk about a simple Question. What is modernism ??????? 

At this level it may be a kind of some "baby Question" for you but for me its not... 

MODERNISM: A term we used for  current age.when we talk about the modernism, people discuss progress, technology,modern facilities,and much more like these. No doubt,these are the blessings of this "Modern Age".  Then what is Wrong and where?????

For this we can compare this with our past when people were ignorant,people have not their basic rights,no social values even in the long past there was no sense of clothes....  BUT Today its modern age....BUT things are so confusing because

In past there was interest(sood) and today we have banks with a beautiful polish

In past rich people murdered (physically and financially) poors  and Today same things are happening....

There was no respect and rights for special people (parents, teacher,etc) and today where we are???? 

[SORRY Mom and Dad we are modern...........] some mentally sick people have very cheap behavior with teachers...... :(

In past people have no sense of dressing and TODAY we have a perfect sense of dressing after all we are MODERN......

this list can never ends up...but my intention is not to calculate the badness,because this all is not because of modernism its because of us,my intention is to clear our mind, to direct our thought in the right direction

So that we can  see our present again and can decide our future "To Make a difference"

Waiting for your opinion May be "I'm Wrong"

NOTE: This content is not about individuals its only a view about some "Modern Qualities".There is no intention to hurt anybody...


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